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DTF Yourself

Private Label DTF Film - 31.5 in. x 328 ft.

Private Label DTF Film - 31.5 in. x 328 ft.

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Our house special brand specifically coated 7 times per side ensuring and amazing release every time! Hot Peel

31.5 inches wide by 328 feet long.

Roll of DTF film for use with DTF inks

DTG Compatible 

Private Stock 23.6" x 325' DTF Film - Double Sided Warm Peel Film: Type: Double Sided Matte Hot Peel Film

  • Size: 31.5" x 328'
  • Features:Specifically designed to reduce static and improve grip for smooth printer feeding.
  • Coated 7 times on both sides, resulting in a matte finish on the prints.
  • Note: These film rolls may not fit on stock Epson Rollers.
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