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DTF Yourself

Glitter Flake DTF Film - 23.6 in. x 328 ft.

Glitter Flake DTF Film - 23.6 in. x 328 ft.

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Glitter was the case that they gave us!!! DTF Film! Stand out from the rest and make your DTF prints sparkle like a MOFO!

Cold Peel

23.6 inches wide by 328 feet total

Rolls of DTF film for use with DTF inks

DTG Compatible 


23.6" x 328' DTF Film - Glitter Flake Cold Peel Film: Type: Single Sided Cold Peel Film

  • Size: 23.6" x 328'
  • Features:Specifically designed to reduce static and improve grip for smooth printer feeding.
  • Coated on both sides, resulting in a matte finish on the prints.
  • Note: These film rolls may not fit on stock Epson Rollers.
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